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About Us

McNasty Brass Band is a collection of Minneapolis/Saint Paul based horn players and percussionists that fuse the Minneapolis sound with the spirit of New Orleans. The outcome of this fusion is hard-hitting dance music and high-energy live shows.


Hayden Fihn - Trumpet

Jake Baldwin - Trumpet

Riley Helgeson - Trumpet

Elliott Wachs - Saxophones 

Aaron Levin - Saxophones 

Cody LeDuc - Trombone

Sten Johnson-Trombone

Mike Mello - Sousaphone

Peter Suttman - Snare Drum

Lars Johnson - Bass Drum

Each player works tirelessly outside McNasty Brass Band as a side-man, some with national and international touring acts. That’s what makes McNasty special-- these youthful but experienced side-men come together and showcase their compositions, solos, group vocals, and stage presence as front-men. “McNasty Brass Band is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t make fun of the kid who is super into trumpet in 5th grade” ( “King Size Life,” their first studio album (available January 27, 2017), encapsulates their live energy with exciting compositions, rowdy gang vocals, and rip-roaring solos. The only thing missing is their dance moves! “King Size Life” will be released along with a series of four music videos.

Check out the debut album, HERE!

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